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Preparatory Division String Camp, June 20-24, Ages 6-9 and 9-12. Registration deadline is May 20th. Preparatory Division, Tanner Dance and Youth Theatre Arts Passport, June 27 - July 1, Create an original performance work to be presented at the Tanner Dance Building. Preparatory Division International Piano Festival, July 26 - July 29, Musicianship, ukulele, and choir classes. University of Utah, School of Music.

Home in Their Eyes: Images and Stories of Home by Residents in Rural China, Friday, March 25 – Thursday, June 2, 2016, J. Willard Marriott Library 3rd Floor

Salt Dance Fest 2016 brings together internationally renowned dance artists and dance makers Jeanine Durning, Alex Ketley and Jennifer Nugent, along with esteemed SLC dance artists Daniel Charon, Molly Heller and Stephen Koester for two weeks of moving, collaborating, dance making and the lively exchange of ideas, June 6-17, 2016.

Summer Chamber Music Workshop, Matt Zalkind, June 26 - 30, 2016, Hasse Borup, Director, Open for serious string and piano players, age 12 - 26,  School of Music, University of Utah

University of Utah Department of Ballet Summer Intensive, June 20 - July 15, 2016. Join us for an exciting four-week ballet intensive with internationally recognized faculty and guest artists.

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Ballet, University of Utah

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Modern Dance, University of Utah

Natural History Museum of Utah 2015 Lecture Series

College of Fine Arts, University of Utah

Posts in food

Four Japanese artists create the world’s smallest bento that fits inside a watch, with small diameter of 30mm. It’s nutrient-rich and stylish. Various professional tricks were... read more »
Be yourself! Tell the world how much you love ramen! The Ramen Stickers will make it easy to detect ramen lovers around you too. I am a noodle freak. I crave for noodle almost everyday. I... read more »
Designed to freeze in just 10 minutes. Make popsicle bites, iced coffee cubes, and more – without the wait. Are you tired of waiting for water to freeze? Running out of dessert ideas?... read more »
Ming is a stay-at-home mum to 2 boys. She started making bentos in 2008 and making charabens (character bentos) for her kids in 2011. It's also in that year Ming began taking photos of all... read more »
A new jumbo-sized ramen guide with 42 Japanese ramen recipes with distinctive regional flavors in Japan. I am a noodle freak. I crave for noodle almost everyday. I like to try different... read more »
We want to bring the dumpling emoji to life and pave the way for a more inclusive catalog of emojis. Dumplings are Universal Dumplings are one of the most universal cross-cultural foods... read more »
Tomorrow's Meatball is a visual exploration of the future of food made by IKEA's Research Lab Space10 - exploring the many ways we could be eating in the not-too distant future. The... read more »

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Food Scans is a series that showcases the beauty and bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Just as produce picked at peak flavor requires very little adornment... read more »
A new restaurant in Bartow, Florida will be catering to anyone’s kind of budget — big or small — with its “pay what you can” policy. Welcome to Mosaics Community Cafe,... read more »
Recently chef Wenju Zhang of Zhengzhou University in Henan Province of China caused a sensation on internet, because he can blow a dough into a balloon. Not only that, he is able to cut... read more »
WE all know taking a work-out seriously means eating properly too, and London based Virgin Active are taking a step to help us understand what we're putting into our bodies. Now, not... read more »
Dedicated strictly to desserts, ATUM Desserant steps up the dessert game in Hong Kong taking an unconventional approach to satisfying that sweet tooth. Straying from traditional Hong... read more »

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Introducing Cat Egg Mold Cooking isn’t just about eating. It’s about expression, creativity, love and most of all fun. My mission is to bring fun food to the masses and what better... read more »
Japanese artist Kiyoko Yoshikawa loves kniting, although she has worked on hand-painted Yuzen for 20 years after she graduated from a design school. In 2002, she published “Wool... read more »
With the Magic Candy Factory, German candy maker Katjes launched the 3D printer with customized fruit gum worldwide on the confectionery market on August 28th 2015 at Katjes Café... read more »
Noma is a two Michelin star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name is a portmanteau of the two Danish words "nordisk" (Nordic) and "mad" (food). Opened in... read more »
Take the stress out of eating healthy. Our All Natural 100% grass-fed beef is delivered directly to your door from the best farms. Hello! My name is Mike Salguero. I'm a CrossFit health... read more »
VacuumClicka is an ultra portable vacuum gadget. It is small, easy to use, affordable, and can be used on any bag. Step 1 - Separate 'em!Separate the upper and lower clicka valve. Step 2... read more »
Pregnant women hankering for a touch of coal with their steak or tomato sauce on their oranges will now be able to satisfy their odd cravings with the launch of a new virtual cookbook... read more »

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The concept of 3D has seeped into many aspects of our life. Now it enters a new territory – bread making. Recently some innovative bake chefs in Japan come up with creative breads, which... read more »
The average tasting menu can comprise over a dozen courses and last for hours, but for the truly committed diner, that's small fries. London-based creative agency Bompas and Parr have... read more »
This Japanese snack poster will introduce the most classic Japanese snacks and street food you find in Japan. On this poster, there are 25 different Japanese snacks/street food... read more »
Soon you might not need to worry about wasting your food — you could just turn it into leather instead. Undergraduate design students in the Netherlands have come up with a new,... read more »
Beau Coffron is a married dad with three kids, a full-time job, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. He wants to help you make lunch time fun, connect with your kids, and show your... read more »
Samantha Lee is a Malaysian mother who creates fun, creative and healthy meals for her two young daughters and over half a million followers. She started creating food art back in... read more »

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Garlic Shaker® is the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Affordable Way to Peel Garlic. Other garlic peeling methods and devices don't even come close to its performance, speed, and... read more »
Donations to the Utah Food Bank are down at least 50 percent this summer, and officials say the empty shelves have come at the worst time of year. June, July and August, when children are... read more »
NEWPORT, Ore. – Oregon State University researchers have patented a new strain of a succulent red marine algae called dulse that grows extraordinarily quickly, is packed full of... read more »
Annoyed by messy and dirty cutting boards and cluttered worktops? The Frankfurter Brett is the solution. It redefines the cutting board and transforms it into a powerful tool: Through... read more »
Whether you call it Bavarian cream or Bavarois, the classic dessert generally isn’t much to look at. Since traditional Bavarian cream itself is just a beige lump (being cream, after... read more »

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French artist Stephanie Kilgast specializes in 1 to 12 scale dollhouse miniature food. The different food types are bakery and breads, cakes and pies, cheeses, donuts, cupcakes, pralines... read more »

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On April 28,Oxford based Photocrowd announced the winners of its Favorite Foods Photography Competition, with 252 entries and 62,601 votes cast from around the world. The competition was... read more »
Whether by accident or design, the details of Google's plans for artificial intelligence (AI) have been elusive. In some cases, there's no real mystery, just nothing all that exciting to... read more »
The World's 50 Best Restaurants list for 2015 was unveiled on June 1 in London. You might have seen the list, but we thought we'd give you the 50-1 countdown in mouthwatering pictures... read more »

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AS JUST another YouTube hopeful, Choppa was posting the usual “inappropriate” male-orientated content when he stumbled on a niche market that changed his life. The 35-year-old from... read more »
French supermarkets will be banned from throwing away or destroying unsold food and must instead donate it to charities or for animal feed, under a law set to crack down on food waste... read more »
Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat- or (occasionally) fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses... read more »
There aren’t many things in life that can compare to the simple joy of biting into a warm, melty grilled cheese sandwich. If you’re a grilled cheese fanatic like myself, then you are... read more »
We've all heard of jelly babies, but this is taking edible tots to a whole new level. These amazingly life-like cakes are handmade by Stacy Dudding, who has no formal training and only... read more »
A small field on an island off the Netherlands' northern coast promises one answer to the problem of how to feed the world's ever-growing population: potatoes and other crops that grow... read more »
Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, will host from May 1 to October 31, 2015. Over this six-month period, Milan will become a global showcase where more than... read more »
Snacking can be a huge downfall of a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, you don’t have to go hungry between meals. Here are some great ways to keep your metabolism boosted with delicious... read more »
It has been illegal to drink alcohol on the Tube in London for seven years, but there is now a new way to enjoy cocktails on your commute. A new bar opens on March 5th in an old... read more »
Whether you hate cooking or enjoy it, having good kitchen tools is always a boon. Here are some innovative kitchen gadgets appearing on internet that you might not have... read more »
Dumplings are a traditional and popular food around the world. It consists of small pieces of dough, either cooked alone or wrapped around a filling. They can be based on flour, potatoes... read more »
On Feb 26, Japanese predominant mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo released its new TV commercial, the second episode of “Three Seconds’ Cooking”- Fried Dumplings in 3 Seconds. The... read more »
Fat & Furious Burger is a self-initiated project born from the collision of two strong appetites. Thomas & Quentin (who founded the Graphic Design & Art Direction studio Furious) were so... read more »
The Chinese appetite is never stronger than at the start of the year. Fish, rice cakes, dried sausages are just some of the foods that traditionally make their way onto the Spring... read more »
The colorful steamed bread from Wenxi, Shanxi province of China is a famous desert that dates back to more than 1,000 years ago. The colorful rolls have over 200 different forms and the... read more »
According to the lunar calendar, 2015 will be the Sheep Year. Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam etc. will celebrate its arrival on Feb. 19. Businesses related to sheep... read more »
Several companies in Japan have waded into the miniature cooking scene with kitchen sets, appliances and utensils that look as real as their normal-sized counterparts. Konapun from... read more »
Food printing technology has grown rapidly in the last year and now Spanish tech start-up company Natural Machines is claiming to have invented Foodini, the world's first commercial 3D... read more »
UK based artist Amber Locke loves the beauty of natural foods: their different colours, shapes, textures and characters etc. Blossoming from the passion for a fruit and vegetable-based... read more »
Hot pot (also known as steamboat in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Brunei), refers to several East Asian varieties of stew, consisting of a simmering metal pot of... read more »
Why do kids love Christmas so much? Because it is a time to have great food and confections. Here are some beautiful photos of popular Belgian Christmas chocolate. More... read more »
Gameloft has marked the National Pastry Day with the launch of the world’s first exhibition of edible architecture 'Pastry Paradise' presenting the 'Modern Wonders of the World.' Five... read more »
Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to mean the same old meat and potatoes. Spice up the holiday with offbeat treats like Turkey Mousse Pie or Pumpkin Spice Tuna Tataki — just a... read more »
Anne Widya, a mother of four kids in Hong Kong, turns breakfast into incredible artwork. For more information, please visit Instagram and her blog.  read more »
Being a soldier is no piece of cake - unless you're Gus the 'Grenadier Guardsman. Because Gus the 7ft soldier is in fact made entirely out of sponge. Gus, who measures 7ft to the top of... read more »
Want to try some exotic parfaits? Karafuneya Coffee in Kyoto serves something like the deep fried lineup: Fried Chicken Parfait, Crispy Pork Cutlet Parfait, Captivating Corn Dog... read more »
Apple is a brand that's known for its high-quality design and attention to detail. Luckily for Apple employees, that commitment to quality extends to on-campus food offerings as well... read more »
Google's free food is the stuff of legends. With close to 30 cafés at the company's Mountain View, California headquarters, no Googler could ever go hungry. According to former head chef... read more »
Made with champagne and 23-carat gold, the world's most expensive loaf costs a lot of dough. At a whopping £75 the royal bloomer has been made by Robert Didier at his Orchard Pigs bakery... read more »
Debbie Goard accidentally got into cakes. She has always been artistic and would draw on whatever was handy, even paper towels. About 10 years ago, in a local market, she did basic deli/... read more »
The Café Procope is the oldest restaurant of Paris in continuous operation. It was in 1686 that Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a gentleman from Palermo, set up his coffee house in the... read more »
Looking at these Chinese dishes, we can imagine how tasty they could be. What’s the price tag? $50,000 for all the dishes on the table. Is that too expensive? Not at all. They are... read more »
Want to know how to make your favorite chain restaurant foods? Here is a list of copycat recipes, ranging from Red Lobster cheddar biscuits to Cheesecake Factory’s avocado eggrolls to... read more »
If you want to remember what it was like dining out in 2006 — the year before the iPhone came out — head to The Station restaurant in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Nearly every... read more »
Korean food becomes popular around the world. According to Wikipedia, Korean cuisine is largely based upon rice, vegetables, and meats. Traditional Korean meals are noted for the number of... read more »

The link has 40 photos.

Stuffed with some of the world’s richest food, the Glamburger will set you back £1,100 pounds. The burger patty is made from 220 grams of Kobe Wagyu beef minced with 60 grams of New... read more »

The video in Link 1 shows how to make this most expensive burger.

Li Ming, a mother of two from Singapore, knows how to make her sons appreciate the food they get. She has created more than 100 cartoon food artworks – charabens, or character bentos... read more »
The Kuro Burger — available in Pearl and Diamond versions — comes with a bamboo charcoal bun, beef patties containing black pepper, and an onion and garlic sauce made from... read more »
Japanese mom Maiko Takahashi frequently crafts cartoon characters and cute animals for her kids’ lunch, but she was also inspired to add in a geography lesson with beautifully prepared... read more »
The popular Kotori Cafe in Tokyo’s Omotesando opened its second store in equally trendy Kichijoji in June this year. Guests can spend their visit in the company of about 25 feathered... read more »
Recently, a series of photos featuring creative breakfasts containing Chinese elements made by a nimble-fingered mother went viral on the... read more »
A watch-like gadget that measures food intake is being developed by researchers at South Carolina’s Clemson University.The Bite Counter counts the amount of bites taken per day by... read more »
Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi designed a modular system for creating edible chocolate LEGO bricks. Chocolate is first poured into precisely designed moulds that after cooling... read more »
You might think that the United States, with its supersized portions, absurdly high obesity rate, and uniquely American innovations like the Doritos Locos Taco, is home to the world's... read more »
Heather Sitarzewski decided one day that the lunches she packed for her son were boring. Not wanting her son to be the victim of a boring lunch, she took her artistic food skills to a... read more »
Food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustín Nieto's food photography series illustrated four famous capitals in Eastern Europe with delicious foods. The series was... read more »
The latest invention of Manuel Linares, a Spanish physicist-turned-cook, proves that physics isn’t all about boring theories and formulae, it can be really fun too! He’s invented a... read more »

This reminds us of another amazing invention Water Cake.

What will food be like in the future? London based artist Johanna Schmeer takes on a project called Bioplastic Fantastic to investigate new types of products and interactions which might... read more »
Robert Wysocki, a professor at Syracuse University in upstate New York, has spent 5 years working to perfect a technique to make lava in the furnace. And chef Sam Bompas got in touch... read more »
Glasgow born Italian resteraunteur Domenico Crolla makes pizza’s that need to be seen to be believed. The charismatic owner of Bella Napoli restaurant in Glasgow is fast making a name... read more »
Think of the foods you'd travel a thousand miles to taste again. Dishes so delicious you carried the memory of them home as a treasured souvenir. Those snacks, sweets, and savories that... read more »
This amazing one of a kind restaurant in the Villa Escudero resort in the Philippines offers people the incredible experience of dining right in front of a beautiful sparkling waterfall... read more »
The latest invention of Manuel Linares, a Spanish physicist-turned-cook, proves that physics isn’t all about boring theories and formulae, it can be really fun too! He’s invented a... read more »

This reminds us of another amazing invention Water Cake.

Dinner in the Sky wins favor in Shanghai. Guests dine on a platform, 50 meters in the sky above Shanghai for a novelty experience costing 1,888 yuan ($303) to 8,888 yuan ($1,429) on June... read more »
It looks like a large drop of water, but it's actually a cake. This Japanese invention is as delicate as it looks and sounds, but it needs to be consumed in only 30 minutes, after which... read more »

The video displays written text from the 34 second to the 1 minute and 33 second.

Thanks to a 72-hour visa-free policy, people from 51 countries with continuing flight tickets to a third country can enjoy three days in the city of Chengdu, panda's hometown and... read more »
The humble sandwich has been a lunch choice of millions for hundreds of years. Normally a sandwich consists of a couple of slices of bread and the odd bit of ham or cheese or maybe even... read more »
On June 13, Hampton Creek's egg-free mayonnaise hit the shelves in Hong Kong. The food company focuses on finding new ways of utilizing plants to replace eggs in a variety of... read more »
Tama-chan’s ephemeral art on sushi rolls grew in popularity over the world. Her new book Similing Sushi Rolls contains exclusive work as well as recipes for some of her famous sushi... read more »
While the average American eats almost 200 sandwiches a year — more if you count pita with peanut butter and leftover pad thai as a sandwich — eating bread filled with stuff... read more »
The price of fruits can go crazy. Here are eight exotic fruits that will literally break the bank... read more »
28 must-have national dishes, from Austria's Vienna schnitzel to Malaysia' Nasilemak to Norway's Rakfisk... read more »
Pizza Vinoteca isn't your typical pizza place. The restaurant, which opened in March just off of New York City's Union Square, is taking a high-tech approach to creating quality pizza,... read more »
Do you know what is the difference between Sashimi and Sushi? Sashimi is thinly sliced raw meat—usually fish, such as salmon or tuna—that is served without rice. Sushi is... read more »
Confucius says:"to people, food comes first." The history of Chinese food stretches back for thousands of years and has changed from period to period and in each region according to... read more »

The link has 50 photos.

When President Obama visited Japan in April, he dined with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe at a subterranean restaurant in Tokyo called Sukiyabashi Jiro, which has only 10 seats at the... read more »

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