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University of Utah Department of Ballet Summer Intensive, June 20 - July 15, 2016. Join us for an exciting four-week ballet intensive with internationally recognized faculty and guest artists.

The University of Utah Department of Ballet Auditions for BFA Program and/or Summer Intensive, Seattle - Jan. 2, 2016, Chicago - Jan. 8, 2016, Washington DC - Jan. 10, 2016, Salt Lake City - Jan. 15, 2016, San Francisco - Jan. 23, 2016, Los Angeles - Jan. 24, 2016, Salt Lake City - Feb. 6, 2016

Salt Lake City Ballet Nutcraker 2015, Thursday, Dec. 17, 7:30pm, Friday, Dec. 18, 7:30pm, Saturday, Dec. 19, 2:00pm & 7:30pm, Marriott Center for Dance

It Happened One Christmas, conceived by Karen Azenberg and Kenneth Jones, December 4 to December 19, 2015, 7:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday Evenings, 8:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday Evenings, 2:00 p.m. Saturday Matinees, Pioneer Theatre

The British Passion for Landscape: Masterpieces from National Museum Wales, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, August 29 - December 13, 2015

Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution, Meet 39 divas of the avian world! September 19, 2015 to January 3, 2016, Natural History Museum of Utah

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Ballet, University of Utah

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Modern Dance, University of Utah

Natural History Museum of Utah 2015 Lecture Series

College of Fine Arts, University of Utah

Posts in design

The Quartier des Spectacles in Downtown Montreal, Canada is pleased to announce the installation of Impluse, the work that will take over the Place des Festivals this coming winter for the... read more »
In today's tech driven, instant gratification world, it's easy to feel like we have no time, that time's moving faster and faster, passing us by. Our minds move so fast that we're so... read more »
In Japan, companies and stores give a roll of toilet paper to customers as a symbol of appreciation. Last year designer Kazuaki Kawahara of Latona Marketing wanted to create something that... read more »
lux.lge is a light installation designed by Brut Deluxe (Madrid and Munich based architecture and design studio) specifically for the light festival Geneva LUX by invitation and... read more »
A cross between Miyazaki and Pixar, SOAR is an award-winning 3D animated movie about a young girl who must help a tiny boy pilot fly home before it's too late. Soar was created as... read more »
A mysterious red light switch allows unsuspecting New Yorkers to turn on over 50,000 Christmas lights. For our latest mission, we placed a 7-foot-tall light switch in New York... read more »
The most adaptable shoes you'll ever own, customized straight from your smartphone. How much do you spend each month to keep your sneakers looking fresh? With every new outfit, every... read more »
Luminaries is a reimagined holiday tradition—a spectacular lighting display that follows the glass enclosed topography of the Winter Garden. Inspired by the season’s traditions... read more »
Design Miami/ is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration... read more »
On the occasion of "Lumiere" Miguel Chevalier imagines an original digital creation "Complex Meshes" for Durham Cathedral in UK ( Nov. 12 - Nov. 15, 2015), the most magnificent Norman... read more »
Porta Estellar (the catalan for Star Gate), by PlayMID (Playmodes + MID), is an immersive light and sound installation inside a plane. This video is a document of the set-up made on... read more »
In the framework of EXPO 2015, hosted by Milan in Italy from May 1rst until October 31rst 2015, Belgium based ACT lighting design was commissioned to create and develop the lighting... read more »
The rain stays contained inside the umbrella, patented by a U.S. military aircraft mechanic. You and your car interior stay dry! It’s not often we can say we are introducing a true... read more »
At the occasion of a fundraising campaign organized by the University of Cambridge in King's College Chapel on 17th October 2015, Artichoke invited the artist Miguel Chevalier to create... read more »
Let's get the world to fold! Celebrate origami by spreading the joy of paperfolding during World Origami Days, held each year from October 24–November 11, a 2-1/2 week celebration of... read more »
To mark the 5th birthday of the Nissan Juke, British origami artist Owen Gildersleeve was approached to create a life-size origami inspired paper car, tying in with the company's... read more »
Vgik graduation movie Synopsis: oriental prince leaves his palace for his first hunt. The chase leads him to the edge of magical forest, where he meets the Spirit of the forest. Roles... read more »
reWrap is a young Dutch brand committed to conscious design. They believe in a sustainable future and are convinced that together we can create a better world. They started reWrap in... read more »
Incognito in daylight, glowing in the headlights, our knitwear will keep cyclists, runners and pedestrians safer on dark winter roads. On The Glo - reflective knitwear that lights up... read more »
Bring nature into Your home. Make it the center of discussion. The noktuku moss clock contains the tops of real reindeer moss from Norway which have been meticulously selected by hand... read more »
Within a spacetime continuum, time is perceived as the fourth dimension. The past the present and the future is a whole. Ripples of Time, allow natural materials to be shaped by time,... read more »
The first fully telescopic umbrella with an automotive inspired rib suspension system and interchangeable canvas. Broken umbrellas are a common sight following every heavy rainfall... read more »
It must be fun being neighbors with photographer Christine McConnell in South Pasadena, Los Angeles. You might open your kitchen blinds one morning and find the 32-year-old photographer... read more »
Products inspired by travel: Poster designs celebrate Hong Kong's local markets. Bring a glimpse of this amazing city home with you! As a designer who is passionate about travel, I... read more »
Vj Suave is a new media art duo of Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga based in São Paulo, Brazil. VJ Suave has two audiovisual tricycles adapted with a projector, computer, speakers and... read more »
ResoNet awakens from a dormant sleep to shine once more in the vibrant Baitasi Hutong district of Beijing. Emerging from its origins in the forests of Cumbria, ResoNet morphs to float... read more »
Marbleocity STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) kits introduce children and adults to engineering principles and physics concepts through dynamic model kits that are made of... read more »
French artist Alexandre Dubosc is recognized as authorexperimenter on different mediums : still or moving image, from play dough to virtual image. Between films and photographs, the... read more »
There’s never been a Lexus quite like it: sheet metal, glass and plastics have been set aside for the creation of a one-off, life-sized recreation of the Lexus IS.... Crafted in... read more »
See the weather forecast in a beautiful responsive climate display: rain/clouds/lightning/sunshine. Introducing the tempescope A physical display that reproduces various weather... read more »
Strange alloy is the second self produced short film of French artist and independent film maker Loïc Bramoullé. It's based on images Loïc shot during his trip to Myanmar in December... read more »
Australian artist Meredith Woolnough creates elegant embroidered traceries that capture the delicate beauty of nature in knotted embroidery threads. Through a delicate system of tiny... read more »

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PUKACA’s Paper Toys bring back the pleasure of building your own toys. To cut, fold, glue and play We believe that constructing and playing with our own toys is as primordial as... read more »
Make your shoes feel like a pair of flip-flops with Natural Cork shoe insoles. Most insoles have no arch support, no shock absorption and no moisture protection. So at the end of the day... read more »
We invite you to help fair-trade artisans in Bangladesh develop new marbling techniques by supporting a skill enhancement workshop. Artisans from several rural co-ops across the country... read more »
Charlie and Blair is a ceramic studio in Brisbane, Australia. Its #100daysofmugs was a project undertaken by Adrian 'Charlie' Smith in response to the #100dayproject created by Elle... read more »
The new standard. Your living room shipped in a box and assembled in minutes with no tools. The Greycork Living Room Set is a refreshing furniture option that is made with high-quality... read more »
The Collectionnées are structures that transform into sculptures when filled with coins. They twist our vision of coins by giving them a personal value. Go beyond dropping them, build... read more »
Korean artist U-Ram Choe believes that everything with life has movement. By adopting movement as a vital component in his work, the artist gives birth to new mechanic creatures. As all... read more »
'Shogyo Mujo' is a traveling art installation that was developed by BARTKRESA design and Josh Harker. In it's original iteration it was destined for the Playa at the 2014 Burning Man... read more »
Wage Island expands New York City’s “tale of two cities” by revealing the geographies of access throughout the city based on housing costs and wages. The project is a... read more »
French artist Marta Bakowski’s designs are a celebration of colours and materials, two predominating elements which are often the starting point of her projects. Her objects follow... read more »
Transform your space into a magical world with this moon lantern. When was the last time you looked up at the moon? Divine and serene, the moon is a resting place for our heart... read more »
2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Glen Keane Animator, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, and Duet Apply to attend: Keane's VR painting is created in... read more »
American artist Julie Seabrook Ream never could pick a favorite color. With common supplies in and around her home, she has been creating many mesmerizing beautiful rainbow decorations... read more »

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Named ‘Sway’, this temporary installation has been created by Tel aviv-based architectural Collective Sack and Reicher + Muller, together with fabric expert Eyal Zur. The work has... read more »
Jurriaan Hos is a motion graphics and interaction designer with a focus on telling a good story to get the message across. On a daily base he creates films from start to finish. Including... read more »
NEW MOON is an interactive light + shadow sculpture inviting viewers to manipulate the phases of the moon. Exploring the whimsical and alluring nature of our nearest celestial body, the... read more »
Do you have a Buddy walking with you in your life, going through both the hard times and happy days together with you ? Buddysaurus was started as a comic series on Facebook to remind... read more »
Haven’t we all lost our nerves at least once before by folding an oversized map during a sightseeing-tour or when we went on a trek? Of course, we can rely on technology and use a... read more »
Unorthodox and multi-award winning typographer Craig Ward has once again collaborated with pioneering biochemist and experimental photographer Linden Gledhill, this time for the creation... read more »
A unique experience for Harrods (London), straying from the typical traditions of window design, the concept allows the user to choose their own display. Ten iconic Fabergé egg designs,... read more »
TROPE is a creative collaboration between contemporary artists Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez. The Anglo-French team celebrates motion as a metaphor for being, through breathing... read more »
Glass production has been almost a constant throughout civilized society, being produced as early as 4,500 years ago in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Since then, different methods for... read more »
Emma Buckley is a recent 3D design graduate from Bath School of Art & Design in UK. She discovered a new way using dyes to make intriguing and colourful earthenware. Procion MX, a highly... read more »
Adopt a professionally made corgi plush! We need your help to make it happen! Hi! My name is Naomi Romero and I am illustrator and corgi enthusiast. I am lucky enough to work from home... read more »
French artist Charles Pétillon will present his first public art installation – and his first ever live work outside of France – in Covent Garden this August when 100,000 giant... read more »
A Canadian space firm is one step closer to revolutionizing space travel with a simple idea – instead of taking a rocket ship, why not take a giant elevator into space? Thoth... read more »
French artist Thomas Blanchard's "The Colors of Feelings" is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves. It is also an analogy of feelings such as anger,... read more »
Jared Diamond shares what he learnt about risk and everyday life from the tribes of Papua New Guinea. This was taken from a 2013 conversation, ‘The world until yesterday’. Watch the... read more »
On June 15, 2015 at 4:49 am, the world renowned firework artist Cai Guo-Qiang realized the explosion event Sky Ladder off the shore of Huiyu Island, a small and picturesque fishing... read more »
Projected flowers bloom as far as the eye can see on Enoshima Aquarium’s Big Sagami Bay Tank, turning the entire space into an art installation. Softer than the tank’s own lighting,... read more »
These flowers are powered solely by changes in air temperature. There are no batteries, motors or solar panels. The mechanism behind the motion is the thermal expansion of a bimetal... read more »
Lie back in this mirrored chamber and lose yourself in a dazzling field of shifting LEDs, multiplied into an infinite sky. Launched on Jun 26, this project successfully raised £3,049 with... read more »
American artist Chelsea Roehl has enjoyed immersing herself into the world of video games, from the NES, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, to the Xbox 360, One, League of Legends, World of Warcraft,... read more »

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This instrument forms part of 'MULTI', a sonic installation designed by MONAD Studio in collaboration with musician Scott F. Hall. The project is a fully 3D printed art installation hosted... read more »
Walden Raft created by French artists Elise Morin and Florent Albinet is a dynamic and contemplative experience which offers the public a space for reflection, referencing Henry David... read more »
As an author director, French artist Nicolas Deveaux combines a passion for imagery with one for animals. After graduation in 2003, he started out with a short film “7 tonnes 2”... read more »
London based BAT (Between Art and Technology) Studio has designed and produced a unique new brand experience for HTC, titled Straylight. BAT Studio described their original concept as a... read more »
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) in Vienna, Austria is hosting the event "Aru Kuxipa | Sacred Secret" (June 25 - October 25). The exhibition expresses the vision and dream of... read more »
California based designer, Dale Rorabaugh, has designed a levitation platform that also creates a light show using magnetic levitating powers accompanied by an embedded green... read more »
This fractal animation is created by Brazilian artist Tatyana Zabanova, with original soundtrack by Chilean musician Matías Schwartz (Lemmonias). A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a... read more »
What is a Cocoon Tree? These are spherical structures in aluminum covered with a resistant waterproof tarpaulin designed to hang up on trees. A Cocoon Tree empty weighs only 60 kilos. So... read more »
Maude White is a papercutting artist living in the Hudson Valley, New York. She loves the great strength, yet delicacy of paper. Her work is done on the macro as well as the micro... read more »

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The HAZ Umbrella is the world’s first fully automatic smart umbrella designed for gadget enthusiasts like you (and us, too). With the push of a single button, the HAZ Umbrella... read more »
Malaysian artist Limzy is a visual artist residing in Singapore. She uses flowers and leaves to create beautiful artwork, with sketches of drawing and watercolor painting added. “The... read more »
SUNplace is a project created by Lanzavecchia + Wai studio for “Le Affinità Selettive – Premio Lissone Design” an exhibition curated by Aldo Colonetti on the occasion of the... read more »
Antrum is a Spatio-Graphical Interactive Installation. It looks like a grotto of the membrane, the surface of which is inhabited by strange creatures. It’s complex structure causes... read more »
French artist Christophe Guinet was born in Paris and grew up between town and country, always keeping in touch with nature. His craft allowed him to realise what kind of world we are... read more »
As Sydney's leading wedding cake designers, Faye Cahill Cake Design graces the pages of well-known bridal magazines and has put smiles on the faces of hundreds of happy couples. Founded... read more »

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Elliot Schultz is an animator and digital artist living in Melbourne, Australia. He recently graduated from the ANU School of Art with a Bachelor of Digital Art and has studied animation... read more »
For 247 years, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition has offered a snapshot of contemporary art – and this year’s exhibition is a riot of colour, variety and discovery with over 1,100... read more »

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Tel Aviv-based artist and designer Sarit Shani Hay engages in a wide range of fields and combine diverse disciplines. Her work is layered, ranging from object making to the creation of... read more »
Aumi is the smartest Night Light you'll ever own. It's a Bluetooth enabled, portable, multi-colored nightlight that you control with your smart phone or tablet. Turn the light on... read more »
July is the national month of ice cream since 1984, designated by President Ronald Reagan. Since then, it is a custom to celebrate the month of July with ice cream. As always, our... read more »
They say that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Without further ado, an actual record made from a tortilla playing "The Mexican Hat Dance" also known as "Jarabe... read more »
The Beach is an interactive architectural installation designed by Snarkitecture for the National Building Museum. Taking cues from the familiar experience of a summer day at the beach,... read more »
Romanian photographer Dan Cretu is specialized in eco art. He blends food sculpture with photography and creates an amazing series, in which vegetables and fruits are transformed... read more »

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Each tree is lit at night by its unique light color. When approached by a person, almost within touching distance, the tree changes its light color and produces a sound that is unique to... read more »
A group of travellers walk along a bank of a river. They stop for a short while and have a rest, while each person finds himself a rock to sit on. Whilst connecting with nature, people... read more »
CanopyStair, designed by Thor ter Kulve and Rob McIntyre, will be shown for the first time at this year’s Royal College of Art (RCA) final show in London, which opened on 23rd June... read more »
Kodama Zomes are a whole new experience in hanging love seats, beds, and private spaces. They’re the synthesis of geodesic domes, which were invented by revolutionary architect... read more »
Art Basel in Basel 2015 kicks off on June 18. During the four day art event (June 18 - June 21), approximately 300 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia,... read more »
Are you wondering why the drinks you make at home don't taste as good as the ones you buy at a bar? Do you know that ice has a huge impact on drinks? Do you have to spend a lot of time... read more »
The world-renowned Victoria and Albert Museum in London is hosting the event "Shoes: Pleasure and Pain." This exhibition looks at the extremes of footwear from around the globe,... read more »

For your interest, here is the Wikipedia information on the Victoria and Albert Museum.

You might think balloon art is kind of, I dunno, cheesy. Or just for kids. Not this, though. This is some next level balloon twisting. Below, you can see the work of balloon artist... read more »
By using the endemic species of Taiwan as the main content, teamLab in Japan designed an infinite circulation to express and appreciate the values of their homeland, Formosa Taiwan. It is... read more »

 Formosa means beautiful in Portuguese.

Hola Llamigo is a lovely animation film created by Charlie Parisi and Christina Chang, graduates from Ringling College's Computer Animation. Run Time: 3:52 For your interest, here are... read more »
The third weekend of October 2015, cutting edge florists from Michigan and across the country will fill the walls and ceilings of an abandoned Detroit house with American-grown fresh... read more »
Every year, the Sydney Opera House invites artists to bring along their projectors and beam animations onto the building’s iconic sails, and this year, the honors went to U.K... read more »

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