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Preparatory Division String Camp, June 20-24, Ages 6-9 and 9-12. Registration deadline is May 20th. Preparatory Division, Tanner Dance and Youth Theatre Arts Passport, June 27 - July 1, Create an original performance work to be presented at the Tanner Dance Building. Preparatory Division International Piano Festival, July 26 - July 29, Musicianship, ukulele, and choir classes. University of Utah, School of Music.

Home in Their Eyes: Images and Stories of Home by Residents in Rural China, Friday, March 25 – Thursday, June 2, 2016, J. Willard Marriott Library 3rd Floor

Salt Dance Fest 2016 brings together internationally renowned dance artists and dance makers Jeanine Durning, Alex Ketley and Jennifer Nugent, along with esteemed SLC dance artists Daniel Charon, Molly Heller and Stephen Koester for two weeks of moving, collaborating, dance making and the lively exchange of ideas, June 6-17, 2016.

Summer Chamber Music Workshop, Matt Zalkind, June 26 - 30, 2016, Hasse Borup, Director, Open for serious string and piano players, age 12 - 26,  School of Music, University of Utah

University of Utah Department of Ballet Summer Intensive, June 20 - July 15, 2016. Join us for an exciting four-week ballet intensive with internationally recognized faculty and guest artists.

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Ballet, University of Utah

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Modern Dance, University of Utah

Natural History Museum of Utah 2015 Lecture Series

College of Fine Arts, University of Utah

CLOOD, the Best Friend of Soaps

A soap bed could prevent your soaps from soaking and deforming, and increase the durability of soaps. Why CLOOD * Green goods: use environment friendly material - Silicone* Cushioning... read more »

Berlin City | Matthias Makarinus

Five years after my first documentary projects called "Berlin Dynamic" and "Berlin Time" my new long-term project "Berlin City" is coming. It shows the changing and pulsating life of... read more »

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Mixed Media Landscape Paintings of Stev’nn Hall

Stev’nn Hall is an artist living in Toronto, Canada. He composes incredible landscape works by applying his photography techniques and paintings skills. To create these works, Hall... read more »

Polar Bear Cub Exploring the World for the First Time

A polar bear cub got its first look at the world as it emerged from its den at a zoo in Germany. The female polar cub was born on 11 December 2015, and spent the first 82 days of her... read more »

3D Wooden Maps Made from Satellite Data

Beautiful works of art for home decor. These 3D Wooden Maps are carved with CNC router from an custom made terrain model using real accurate satellite data. The wood of each map is 40mm... read more »

Abstract Paintings of ​Miertje Skidmore

Miertje Skidmore is an artist living in Adelaide, South Australia. Her abstract paintings capture the beauty of the landscapes of Australia and the planet. She had 26 solo exhibitions... read more »

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Biré Bitori - a Luxury Bar on Cliff

Mexican architecture studio Tall Arquitectos has proposed the design of Biré Bitori, a luxury bar hanging on the cliff of Copper Canyon located in the northwestern Mexico, with the... read more »

Elephant Back to Somalia for the First Time in 20 Years

An elephant marched hundreds of kilometres and briefly crossed into Somalia this month marking the first time the animal has been seen in the country in 20 years, conservationists said... read more »

Grow Your Indoor Garden All Year Round

This April, IKEA is introducing an indoor gardening series that lets you grow your own tasty lettuce and herbs in water. Developed in collaboration with agricultural scientists in... read more »

Art of Shan Shan Sheng

Shan Shan Sheng is an artist working and living in San Francisco. Her artworks has always aimed at the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. From the city where she was born, Shanghai,... read more »

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Planet London - a 360 Timelapse | Anatoleya

I was recently given two Kodak SP360 4K action cams to review. After testing them I decided to make a 360 timelapse around London. I then changed my mind and thought a little planet... read more »

Tshering Tobgay: This Country Isn't Just Carbon Neutral -- It's Carbon Negative | TED Talk

Deep in the Himalayas, on the border between China and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time. In this illuminating talk, Bhutan's... read more »

Rooftop Tours in Sweden

Swedish company Takvandring is offering rooftop tours in Stockholm and Sundsvall. Participants challenge themselves among the many varied roofs and steeples of the two cities. They walk 43... read more »

​Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/2017 runs from March 2 to March 9. Prestigious French and international fashion houses showcase their creations on the runway. Here are the highlights... read more »

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Beauty of Jellyfish

These amazing underwater photographs show in great detail the beauty of some of the Mediterranean Sea's stingier inhabitants. And while these barrel jellyfish are a completely harmless... read more »

Red Sprites | European Southern Observatory

As night falls, telescopes at ESO's observatories are just starting the night’s observations. But all of a sudden a strange phenomenon appears in the distance. What could this be?... read more »

Oasis Eco Resort

London based Baharash Architecture unveiled its design of the World’s Greenest Eco Resort in Liwa, the southern region of UAE (United Arab Emirates). Some of the key features include: -... read more »

Art of Faye Hall

Canadian artist Faye Hall is a painter, illustrator and designer from Winnipeg. Following a 25 year career in advertising design and widowhood, Faye made a complete change to working as an... read more »

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Chasing Arizona || Teaser from Jay Worsley

A short film telling the story of the beauty in Arizona. Collaborating with Mike Olbinski and his mad time-lapse skills. Film locations are all over the state of Arizona showcasing the... read more »

BMW Vision Next 100

German car giant BMW unveiled its futuristic self-driving Vision Next 100 concept car as the company celebrates its 100th birthday in Munich, Monday. The new model is build out of... read more »

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