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Preparatory Division String Camp, June 20-24, Ages 6-9 and 9-12. Registration deadline is May 20th. Preparatory Division, Tanner Dance and Youth Theatre Arts Passport, June 27 - July 1, Create an original performance work to be presented at the Tanner Dance Building. Preparatory Division International Piano Festival, July 26 - July 29, Musicianship, ukulele, and choir classes. University of Utah, School of Music.

Home in Their Eyes: Images and Stories of Home by Residents in Rural China, Friday, March 25 – Thursday, June 2, 2016, J. Willard Marriott Library 3rd Floor

Salt Dance Fest 2016 brings together internationally renowned dance artists and dance makers Jeanine Durning, Alex Ketley and Jennifer Nugent, along with esteemed SLC dance artists Daniel Charon, Molly Heller and Stephen Koester for two weeks of moving, collaborating, dance making and the lively exchange of ideas, June 6-17, 2016.

Summer Chamber Music Workshop, Matt Zalkind, June 26 - 30, 2016, Hasse Borup, Director, Open for serious string and piano players, age 12 - 26,  School of Music, University of Utah

University of Utah Department of Ballet Summer Intensive, June 20 - July 15, 2016. Join us for an exciting four-week ballet intensive with internationally recognized faculty and guest artists.

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Ballet, University of Utah

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Modern Dance, University of Utah

Natural History Museum of Utah 2015 Lecture Series

College of Fine Arts, University of Utah

Paintings of Craig Penny

Craig Penny is an artist living in Melbourne, Australia. His watercolor, acrylic painting paintings depict the breathtaking beauty of beaches, sky, water, boats, landscapes and... read more »

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Luya Ice Cave

Luya Mountain in Ningwu county of Shanxi province has the largest ice cave in China. The cave is over 100 meter deep. In summer, the outside has temperature near 40 ℃, while the inside... read more »

Ma’agalim - Jane Bordeaux

Official music video for Jane Bordeaux's 'Ma’agalim'. In a forgotten old penny arcade, a wooden doll is stuck in place and time. Music - Jane Bordeaux Band Producers: Uri Lotan & Yoav... read more »

Dubai to Build the Tallest Tower in the World

Dubai plans to build a tower that will stand higher than its Burj Khalifa, currently the world's tallest skyscraper, property developer Emaar said on Sunday. The viewing tower will cost... read more »

Cherry Blossoms

The most beautiful time of the year again: cherry blossom season is in full bloom around the world. Through the lens, Virginia based photographer Dagmara Weinberg captured captivating and... read more »

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Horsetail Falls Firefall 2016 | Shawn Reeder

Horsetail Falls Firefall in Yosemite is one of nature's unique gifts. For about 2 weeks each year in February, if the conditions line up perfectly, the last light of the setting sun will... read more »

Yellowstone Forever Photo Contest 2016 - Top 100 Images

The Yellowstone Park Foundation and Nature's Best Photography are pleased to announce the top 100 winning and finalist photographs of the 2015 Yellowstone Forever competition! Thank you... read more »

Spherophyte Kinetic Sculpture by Alex Sanson

Spherophyte is a new kinetic sculpture created by Australian artist Alex Sanson, whose artworks were feature on our previous post on Feb. 17. With the height of 6.6 meters and the... read more »

Floral Art Installation of Rebecca Louise Law

From 23rd March until 1st May 2016 British artist Rebecca Louise Law is presenting an installation at BIKINI BERLIN. Rebecca Louise Law is renowned for her large-format artworks made... read more »

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The Sinking World of Andreas Franke

Andreas Franke, renowned Austrian advertising photographer and avid diver explored and photographed the shipwreck USS Vandenberg in 2010. This strange place with its mysterious emptiness... read more »

The Next Rembrandt

Rembrandt van Rijn (1606 – 1669) was one of the world’s greatest painters and an important figure in Dutch history. After almost 400 years, a new portrait ‘by Rembrandt’ was... read more »

Tree in the House | A. Masow Architects

Tree house among the forest of fir trees. It is designed for people who would feel more fusion with nature and give up some unnecessary conditions and things. The house is a place to... read more »

WRENCHit - Turning Smart

Still all-in-one and ingenious. A reinvented spanner with easy-cycling and interchangeable wrenches. Whenever you need, WRENCHit! WRENCHit is a portable and multi-functional spanner, but... read more »

Winter Wonderland - Finland | 4K Timelapse from Niko Juntunen

I have experienced unforgettable moments during this project. I've witnessed amazing sunsets, bright night skies, unbealivable Northern Lights and endless amount of snow. I have also... read more »

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​Tim Linhart, Ice Music

Tim Linhart was an ice sculptor in Colorado. One day he carved an upright string bass from ice and was astonished at the beautiful sound it made. Now he is the founder of Ice Music,... read more »

Art Installation of Ernesto Neto at Kiasma Museum, Finland

In his current exhibition held at the Finnish national gallery Kiasma Museum, renowned Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto continues the tradition of Brazilian modernism, an approach strongly... read more »

The Gran Mediterraneo | David Tajchman Architectures

Designed by Paris-based belgian architect David Tajchman and his colleague Luc Izri, the Gran Mediterraneo in Tel Aviv, Israel is an innovative concept of High-Rise that integrates a... read more »

Be Sunset Tree | The Film Artist

Spread your branches, lay down your roots, grow tall like me, be Sunset Tree. Music 'Revealed' (Instrumental) by Kevin Matley licensed from "A camera in one hand,... read more »

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Glass Sculptures of Ben Young

New Zealand artist Ben Young is a self-taught artist who has been making glass sculpture for over 15 years and has exhibited alongside well-known glass artists both internationally and in... read more »

Julia The Woodroadster

A Romanian man spent three years - and nearly £14,000 - building a fully-functioning wooden car, capable of cruising down the road at 55mph. Peter Szabo, from Corunca, Romania, put in... read more »

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