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Preparatory Division String Camp, June 20-24, Ages 6-9 and 9-12. Registration deadline is May 20th. Preparatory Division, Tanner Dance and Youth Theatre Arts Passport, June 27 - July 1, Create an original performance work to be presented at the Tanner Dance Building. Preparatory Division International Piano Festival, July 26 - July 29, Musicianship, ukulele, and choir classes. University of Utah, School of Music.

Home in Their Eyes: Images and Stories of Home by Residents in Rural China, Friday, March 25 – Thursday, June 2, 2016, J. Willard Marriott Library 3rd Floor

Salt Dance Fest 2016 brings together internationally renowned dance artists and dance makers Jeanine Durning, Alex Ketley and Jennifer Nugent, along with esteemed SLC dance artists Daniel Charon, Molly Heller and Stephen Koester for two weeks of moving, collaborating, dance making and the lively exchange of ideas, June 6-17, 2016.

Summer Chamber Music Workshop, Matt Zalkind, June 26 - 30, 2016, Hasse Borup, Director, Open for serious string and piano players, age 12 - 26,  School of Music, University of Utah

University of Utah Department of Ballet Summer Intensive, June 20 - July 15, 2016. Join us for an exciting four-week ballet intensive with internationally recognized faculty and guest artists.

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Ballet, University of Utah

Performance Calendar of 2015 - 2016 Season, Department of Modern Dance, University of Utah

Natural History Museum of Utah 2015 Lecture Series

College of Fine Arts, University of Utah

New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016/2017

New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2016/2017 was held from Feb. 11 to Feb. 18. More than 100 well-known fashion houses and designers from the US and other countries showcased their newest... read more »

Skylight | Chris Pritchard

Whether in the city or a rural area, surrounded by nature or man-made things, there is but one constant - the sky. Regardless of our lifestyle or surroundings, the sky is always there... read more »

Super Bloom of Death Valley This February

In what could be a rare ‘super bloom’, Death Valley is transforming from a valley of death to a valley of life. “If you get the chance to see a bloom in Death Valley, especially a... read more »

Giant Slide in a Shopping Mall of Shanghai

Recently an incredible slide appears in a shopping mall in Pudong district, Shanghai of China. Like a dragon twisting around the pillar in the center of the mall, the slide connects the... read more »

Magic Polish Fields

Przemyslaw Kruk is a photographer from Poland. He started his adventure with photography back in the times of analogue photography. Over the recent years he has won awards in various... read more »

Inseparable Bulldog and Baby

A baby boy and his pet bulldog have become an online sensation after incredible footage shows the pair playing, eating and even sleeping together. Bob Miller and his pet Dave have been... read more »

Craco - The Abandoned Town | Walter Molfese

Craco is an abandoned town in the province of Matera, Basilicata, Italy. The historic center of Craco was listed among the 93 sites to be saved in the world in 2010 Watch List of the... read more »

ReFlex: Revolutionary Flexible Smartphone Allows Users to Feel the Buzz by Bending Their Apps.

Researchers at Queen's University's Human Media Lab have developed the world's first full-colour, high-resolution and wireless flexible smartphone to combine multitouch with bend input... read more »

Shooting an Indian Wedding on the iPhone 6s Plus

Sephi Bergerson is a documentary and lifestyle photographer based in India since 2002. He was a commercial photographer in Israel for more than 10 years, before he moved to India. It has... read more »

Kinetic Sculptures of Alex Sanson

Alex Sanson is an artist living in Malmsburg, Australia. His practice started in the early 90’s with a series of small, playful and toy-like sculptures inspired very much by Alexander... read more »

Laurent Grasso "SolarWind"

“SolarWind recalls the geomagnetic storms that caused the 1989 blackout in Canada as all electrical devices broke down. This work addresses our modern fears by establishing a tight... read more »

Remarkable Results of New Cancer Treatment

‘This is unprecedented’ says researcher after more than half of terminally ill blood cancer patients experienced complete remission in early clinical trials. Scientists are claiming... read more »

ZION 8K | More Than Just Parks

ZION is the culmination of nearly a month spent exploring Zion National Park during peak fall color. Exquisitely carved by the Virgin River over millions of years, Zion Canyon is one of... read more »

Dream Weaver - Alexandra Kehayoglou

Artist Alexandra Kehayoglou is the fourth generation of Argentina's first family of rugmakers. She creates topographical wonders that elevate ancient craft to modern art. In... read more »

Lovebirds on Valentine's Day

Pairs of parrots lean close to each other at the Suzhou Zoo in Suzhou City, east China's Jiangsu Province, Feb. 14, 2016, on the occasion of the Valentine's Day. [Xinhua/Wang... read more »

Roses Light up Hong Kong for Valentine's Day

An art installation of 25-thousand artificial roses, designed to combine romantic holidays from both East and West, is lighting up a public park along the harbor in Hong Kong. Diane... read more »

International Garden Photographer of the Year

International Garden Photographer of the Year is the world's premier competition and exhibition specialising in garden, plant, flower and botanical photography. It is run in association... read more »

​Visions of the Future – NASA Releases Vintage Posters

Imagination is our window into the future. At NASA/JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) scientists strive to be bold in advancing the edge of possibility so that someday, with the help of new... read more »

Bolivia | TUK Productions

My wife, Susana, and I visited Bolivia for the first time in December 2015. Our trip began in the town of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. From there we climbed into the Andes via bus, and... read more »

Gravitational Wave Chirp

For the first time, scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves, arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe. This... read more »

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